Losing Weight but No One Notices?

Undertaking a ketogenic diet is NOT an overnight fix to your weight issues. In fact, it can take weeks and months to notice a difference in your weight and body shape, and is dependent on many factors which you may not have considered.

In the first of this new series on how to supercharge your keto journey, we take on keto issues from the community, and add our take.

Losing Weight but No One Notices?

‘6down35togo’ reports on r/keto of losing 25lbs after just a month of starting with keto. An impressive effort for anyone. But whilst they’ve lost an impressive amount of weight, they feel like no one has noticed their hard work and question the benefit of all their hard work.

6down35togo goes on to state

My issue is that NOT A SINGLE PERSON notices my weight loss. It has been so drastic and so quick, I assumed that maybe SOMEONE would notice.


Not getting any feedback on your progress is demoralizing, and can make you second guess your efforts.

Mindset matters!

Here’s a few tips we have for anyone who’s struggling with similar issues

  1. People may be afraid to comment! User ‘socal-chicana’ suggests that people generally don’t comment on other people’s weight, especially if you’ve got a little extra chunkiness you’re trying to get rid of. That’s not to say they don’t notice; they just don’t want to point out that you had extra weight to begin with. Many other users commented along these lines; ‘it’s generally not polite to comment on weight’ even if positive.
  2. Weight and body shape aren’t always 1:1. Losing weight doesn’t always correlate to a substantial change in body shape. Small changes which you notice, are not always noticeable by others; for example, losing 2 inches around the waste is not a drastic visible change, especially if you wear loose clothing.
  3. Love yourself! If you’re even asking these questions, you’re already doing a fantastic job, good job!!! Keep focused on the positives and keep doing what you’re doing!

Fine tune your keto journey

Stay positive, and keep carrying on by changing things up. Have you tried bulletproof coffee? Have you fine tuned your exercise regime to suit the keto diet?

Whether you’ve just started keto or are experienced, it’s always good to revisit the basics and make sure you’re on track!

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