Boost Energy and Ketosis With Bulletproof Coffee

If you haven’t tried bulletproof coffee yet, what in the world are you waiting for? Creamy, delicious, and completely carb-free, bulletproof coffee provides a satisfying wake-up cup that won’t interfere with ketosis.

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Bulletproof coffee is an excellent addition to your keto diet.

What is bulletproof coffee?

There is a trademarked diet plan called Bulletproof, but you don’t have to buy their proprietary blend to enjoy the benefits of bulletproof coffee. In fact, it’s quite easy to prepare with just a few simple ingredients:

  • High-quality coffee beans
  • Butter or ghee from grass-fed cows
  • MCT oil

How to make bulletproof coffee

Start by grinding your beans and brewing a cup of coffee as strong as you like. It doesn’t matter whether you use the pour-over, percolated, Chemex, or French press method, as long as the beans are fresh. Organically-grown beans are even better.

Pour the hot coffee into a blender, then stir in two tablespoons of grass-fed butter or clarified ghee. Add an equal amount of MCT oil, cover the blender jar and whip thoroughly. If you don’t have a blender, use a hand frother to make a foamy, fatty, latte-like beverage that is sure to satisfy. That’s really all there is to making a tasty cup of bulletproof coffee. According to the original recipe, this blending step is crucial, so don’t skip it unless you have to.

Does bulletproof coffee work with a keto diet plan?

Absolutely. In fact, Dave Asprey, the inventor of Bulletproof coffee, used it to bolster his own keto journey during which he managed to shed 100 pounds. According to his bio, the self-proclaimed ‘biohacker’ has kept the weight off while enjoying an upgraded brain and improved sleep cycles.

As most of you know, the ketogenic diet plan involves severe restriction of carbohydrates along with plentiful fat intake. Adherence to the principals of the plan causes the body to burn fat instead of carbs. Because it contains zero carbs and loads of healthy fats, bulletproof coffee is an excellent addition to your keto diet.

MCT oil explained

MCT is a pronounceable acronym for the medium-chain triglyceride fatty acids that are naturally found in coconut meat, palm kernels, and human breast milk. The long form of the word refers to the relative length of hydrogen and carbon atom chains held within a particular fatty acid.

Short-chain triglycerides contain contain five or fewer of these chains while long-chain triglycerides comprise more than 13 carbon molecules per chain. Medium-chain fatty acids generally contain between six and twelve carbon atoms per chain. It can be a bit confusing. That’s why we just call it MCT.

MCT oil is not exactly the same as coconut oil

Derived from fresh or dried coconut meat, MCT delivers the ketogenic benefits of coconut oil without all the short- and long-chain fatty acids. The MCT used to make bulletproof coffee is made by melting, cooling, and filtering pure coconut oil via a process called fractionation.

As melted coconut oil cools, long-chain fatty acids such as lauric acid solidify before their medium-chain counterparts. Once the solids are filtered out, pure MCT oil remains.U naltered coconut oil and fractionated oil are both rich in MCT. The only difference is in their fatty acid composition.

MCT oil is comparable to Bulletproof Brain Octane

If you’re all about brand names, go ahead and treat yourself to the official Bulletproof Diet supplement. If you prefer to get more for your money, grab a jar of MCT from your local grocery or health food store.

Science-based benefits of MCT keto coffee

The potential health benefits of adding MCT oil to coffee are many. The fatty acids contained in MCT promote gut health while providing a feeling of fullness and a nice energy boost. And that’s not all. As part of a carefully crafted keto plan, MCT oil helps to reduce body fat in a big way. Coffee made with butter and MCT oil delivers healthful amounts of caprylic and capric acids along with plenty of vitamins.

According to Healthline, the range of benefits associated with MCT include:

  • Decreased inflammation
  • Enhanced ketone production
  • Epilepsy management
  • Improved blood sugar levels
  • Improved mental acuity
  • Lessened yeast and bacterial growth
  • Quick energy
  • Reduced lactic acid buildup in athletes
  • Reduced risk factors for heart disease

Caffeine is a natural ingredient found in coffee beans. When combined with MCT oil, each makes the other more effective. When caffeine is mixed with MCT, it may trigger four times the ketosis of oil alone, explains HealthNerdy.

Does buttery keto coffee have any side effects?

Few people report adverse effects from a cup of MCT-infused keto coffee. Persons who are allergic to coconuts or butter should refrain from using it, however. Daily consumption of MCT may lead to fat buildup in the liver, so you may want to talk to your health care provider before adding bulletproof coffee to your ketogenic diet plan.

Due to its super high fat content, coffee drinkers who are not following a ketogenic eating plan may find themselves packing on unwanted pounds, especially if they drink it every day. For those on a personal keto journey, bulletproof coffee provides morning energy and a ketosis boost.

If you’re just starting a ketogenic diet, you may experience a few side effects such as a headache, nausea, or constipation as your body adjusts to a new fuel source. Give it time, and the symptoms will likely pass within a few days.

A white mug labeled "coffee" on a black and white striped towel with a spoon and a steaming pot of coffee in the background.
The potential health benefits of adding MCT oil to coffee are many.

When is the best time to enjoy a cup of bulletproof coffee?

Keto bulletproof coffee is best enjoyed on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. Not only will a scrumptious mug of keto coffee wake you up, it will provide you with clean energy to effectively start your day feeling satiated, alert, and focused, explains BBC Good Food.

If all this talk about delicious, energy-boosting keto coffee inspires you to try some for yourself, don’t wait a minute longer. Sites & apps like the coffee lover’s brewstr will help you find bulletproof coffee nearby your location. If your local coffee shop doesn’t carry it, grab a few easy ingredients and make your own.

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