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  • Losing Weight but No One Notices?
    Undertaking a ketogenic diet is NOT an overnight fix to your weight issues. In fact, it can take weeks and months to notice a difference in your weight and body shape, and is dependent on many factors which you may…
  • Essential Nutrients / Minerals/ Electrolytes to Supplement When on a Keto Diet
    If you’ve experienced any ill side effects after carb withdrawal, then you’re probably doing something wrong. One of the most common mistakes beginners on the keto diet make is not replenishing their electrolytes, minerals, and nutrients. Of course, once you…
  • Cardiovascular Exercise on the Keto Diet
    Many different people follow the keto diet for weight loss. However, one area of controversy that many people argue is that being on the keto diet affects athletic performance, and workouts are widely debated. Many argue that ketosis drains energy…
  • Exercising on Keto
    Traditionally used to treat epileptic seizures, the keto regime is also popular in the fitness community. Heralded for its ability to encourage one to slim down, more and more people incorporate the diet into their lifestyle. By encouraging a high-fat…
  • Boost Energy and Ketosis With Bulletproof Coffee
    If you haven’t tried bulletproof coffee yet, what in the world are you waiting for? Creamy, delicious, and completely carb-free, bulletproof coffee provides a satisfying wake-up cup that won’t interfere with ketosis. What is bulletproof coffee? There is a trademarked…
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